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The Stranglers @Rock City 11/03/2019

Bethan Fletcher/ March 12, 2019

It was clear walking into Rock City that a twenty-something university student is not The Stranglers’ target demographic. Despite bringing the average age down by twenty years and severely missing a band t-shirt, leather jacket and pint of ale, I made my way up to the main stage to experience some classic 70’s/80’s punk rock. Dr Feelgood opened the show

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The Stranglers are still at it and as good as ever!

Olivia Redmayne Peacock/ March 15, 2016

The Stranglers are an English rock band that have become known as the most long lasting and successful bands to have originated in the 70s punk rock scene, with their aggressive and uncompromising style becoming one of the defining trends of the genre. In the 80s the group went on to play with a variety of styles from pop and

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