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Tricot@ The Bodega 14/11/2018

Owen White/ November 19, 2018

Fun and thrills abound as Japanese sugar-coated math rockers Tricot descended to perform some jams equal parts charming tweeness and syncopated boot to the head. Tricot are the most intimidatingly technical band I’ve ever seen. Their ability to lock into truly alien grooves and hit musical cues that would leave many classically trained musicians scratching their heads is pretty much

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Bad Sounds take on Rescue Rooms

Emily Hynes/ November 11, 2018

After headlining numerous festivals around the UK this summer, Bath-based, indie-pop band “Bad Sounds”returned to Nottingham to play the iconic Rescue Rooms after the release of their debut album “Get Better”. With their unique stage presence, brothers Ewan and Callum, joined by the rest of Bad Sounds, delivered a stellar performance accompanied by huge amounts of balloons and confetti. Before

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Haggard Cat@ Bodega 05/11/2018

Sean Hubbard/ November 7, 2018

Haggard Cat made sure no one regretted missing out on the fireworks for their show in the Bodega on Bonfire Night, bringing their signature blend of grungy energy to a performance which showed why they are an iconic underground Nottingham band – their level of local fame demonstrated by almost every hand going up when frontman Matt Reynolds asked who

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Snail Mail@ The Bodega 29/10/2018

Tom Evans/ October 30, 2018

On the 29th October 2018, Snail Mail treated a sold-out Bodega crowd to a whirlwind hour-long set demonstrating precisely why they’re one of the most talked about upcoming alternative bands. They may be snail by name but they’re certainly not snail by nature owing to their loud, euphoric, jazz-tinged alternative rock songs. Having been fortunate enough to catch the project

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The Blinders headline The Bodega with support from Those Howlin’ Sounds and Calva Louise

Abby Clarke/ October 25, 2018

After the successful release of their debut album ‘Columbia’, The Blinders have embarked on a UK tour, bringing their political punk rock music to The Bodega last night with support from Nottingham’s Those Howlin’ Sounds, and Calva Louise from London. First up were four-piece Those Howlin’ Sounds, who also released an album earlier this year. They opened with an instrumental

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Pre-show interview with The Blinders

Abby Clarke/ October 25, 2018

A couple of hours before their headline show at Bodega, I sat down with Matty, Charlie and Thomas, better known as the alternative political-punk band The Blinders. Nottingham marked a quarter of the way through their UK tour and the three were finding it great so far, having played in Birmingham the night before at The Castle and Falcon which

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Hunter and the Bear@ The Bodega 12/10/2018

Harriet Kilner/ October 22, 2018

Dubbed ‘The Heroes British Rock Needs Right Now’, I held high hopes for Hunter and the Bear’s live show and, let me tell you, they did not disappoint. The buzz in the Bodega’s intimate upstairs venue was something to behold. One thing to note is that Hunter and the Bear’s fans seem to be some of the friendliest people out

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Silver Wilson headline The Bodega on Saturday night

Abby Clarke/ October 21, 2018

After having some trouble with a support act, Silver Wilson played their first headline show at The Bodega Nottingham on Saturday night, with support from Remy and Badminton. They brought their feel-good indie-pop vibes to an excited and energetic crowd. First up was last minute support Remy, winner of this years Notts factor. The recently turned eighteen-year-old played a mixture

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Interview with Hunter and the Bear

Harriet Kilner/ October 15, 2018

This month saw up-and-coming rock sensations Hunter and the Bear completing their UK tour, taking their sold-out show from the impressive Scala in London to our very own Bodega. I caught up with them in the Bodega’s modest dressing room (picture a walk-in wardrobe with big band names nonchalantly scribbled on the wall and a toilet at one end) before

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Abby speaks to Deco before their sold-out Bodega headline show

Abby Clarke/ October 8, 2018

Over a year ago I joined Deco before their last Bodega headline show and Saturday night I joined Max and John again to catch up with what they’ve been up to since. They admitted that their music has become both more popular with fans but also, they have streamlined their sound to appeal to wider audience. They also explained that

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