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Acoustic Rooms Weekly 12/11/18

Abby Clarke/ November 13, 2018

This week at Acoustic Rooms was a lot busier than last week, back to normal after a quieter bonfire night the week before. There were a lot more artists signed up to play so they kept to three or four songs each this time. First to perform were Stella and Chris- with Chris on guitar and Stella providing the vocals.

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Acoustic Rooms Weekly 05/11/18

Abby Clarke/ November 6, 2018

Acoustic Rooms Weekly Rescue Rooms hosts an open mic night every Monday from 8pm until late, and The Mic magazine will be going down every week to keep you updated on who’s performing, including weekly interviews with a performer from the night. To set the scene, Rescue Rooms has been an iconic music venue in Nottingham since it opened 15

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Abby speaks with George Gadd before his UK tour kicks off

Abby Clarke/ October 23, 2018

I sat down with musician George Gadd on an unusually sunny October lunch time to chat about his ten-year anniversary of performing, his upcoming UK tour and some the highlights of his time in music. Going back to the start with George’s first ever performance, he told me that he used to have “floppy emo hair” and even put on

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Silver Wilson headline The Bodega on Saturday night

Abby Clarke/ October 21, 2018

After having some trouble with a support act, Silver Wilson played their first headline show at The Bodega Nottingham on Saturday night, with support from Remy and Badminton. They brought their feel-good indie-pop vibes to an excited and energetic crowd. First up was last minute support Remy, winner of this years Notts factor. The recently turned eighteen-year-old played a mixture

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Loss, Nicki Minaj and Yorkshire – an interview with Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Ceryn Morris/ April 28, 2016

After an absence of 2 years Benjamin Francis Leftwich has returned with his much anticipated second album ‘After the Rain’. Chatting before his sold out gig at the Bodega Ben expresses how humbled he is by the reaction he’s received from the fans. He conveys how much his life has changed over the past two years and that ‘people grow

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Emmy The Great – The Bodega – 12/3/16

Sam Bigwood/ March 19, 2016

Emmy the Great made an appearance at Bodega only a day after the launch of her third album, ‘Second Love.’ Their set consisted majorly of this futuristic, yet moving, album. Emma-Lee Moss, the face of Emmy the Great, was so humble to thank the crowd for their patience listening to ‘unknown’ songs: it is hard to believe this graceful electronic

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Preview: Kelvin Jones at Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Freya Richards/ March 11, 2016

Against hot competition from those dominating the spotlight, solo artist Kelvin Jones is making a splash in the currently over-crowded pool of singer-songwriters in Britain. This Sunday 13th March, he’ll take his husky voice to Nottingham, the supporting act for the well-established James Morrison at his Royal Concert Hall gig. As a venue with a large capacity that few debuts

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Emmy the Great’s stops off at The Bodega on her UK tour

Sam Bigwood/ March 8, 2016

Hong-Kong born Emma-Less Moss, aka Emmy the Great, will be playing at The Bodega this Saturday as part of her UK tour promoting her new album Second Love. Written in various cities, Salt Lake City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York and London, ‘Second Love’ takes in her experiences over the last three years and her ever changing personal surroundings. The

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An interview with Ryan Hamilton

Rebecca Marano/ February 29, 2016

Rebecca Marano recently caught up with Ryan Hamilton ahead of his gig at The Bodega on March 7th. Hi Ryan, thank you so much for speaking to us at The Mic Today! My pleasure! Thank YOU! So…you’re kicking off the UK tour with a house party gig, in Bolton of all places! How did that come about? I had the

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Allison Weiss brought sunny Californian vibes to The Bodega

Grace Pownall/ February 22, 2016

On a misty and cold Friday night, Allison Weiss brought sunny Californian vibes to The Bodega, joined by fellow LA residents Yellowbirddd and Jenny Owen Youngs. The trio of singer-songwriters sang about love, life and sci-fi TV shows, interspersed with jokes and jests- what we Britons might label “witty banter”, without the laddish connotations. 60% music, 40% comedy. First up

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