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Gus Dapperton @Rescue Rooms 01/03/2019

Laura Garvin-Gomez/ March 9, 2019

At no other point have the quaint, monochromatic walls of Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms become so elated with colour and spectacle as on Friday, 1st March, when Gus Dapperton took to their stage. Marking his first ever UK tour following his recent breakthrough onto the Season 2 soundtrack for Netflix’s popular series, ’13 Reasons Why’, Dapperton aspired to introduce his character

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Beans on Toast @Rescue Rooms 23/02/2019

Sean Hubbard/ March 3, 2019

Beans on Toast’s ‘A Bird In The Hand’ tour hit Rescue Rooms last Saturday with the beloved folk singer on fine form as always. Opening with lead track “Another Year” on his aforementioned 10th album he had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the very start of his hit filled epic 23 song set, including special highlight

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The Orielles @Rescue Rooms 21/02/2019

Alex Barston/ February 23, 2019

With their eclectic mix of dream-pop, acid house and post-punk influences amongst many others, it would be unfair to attempt to define the Orielles by the genre which they fall into. Indeed, when a band walks out to A Guy Called Gerald’s Hacienda classic “Voodoo Ray”, then you know that you are in for a treat. They brought their tour

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Our Hollow, Our Home @Red Room 19/02/2019

Sean Hubbard/ February 21, 2019

Southampton metalcore act Our Hollow, Our Home came to Red Rooms on Tuesday in support of their latest album ‘In Moment//In Memory’ and put on an electric show despite the themes of loss and grief throughout their latest release. Despite initial technical difficulties during the transition from “//Denial” to opener “In Moment”, the band ploughed through a fast-paced 13-song set

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Kris Barras Band @Rescue Rooms 12/02/2019

Bobby Humphrey/ February 15, 2019

Given the task of warming the crowd up before the main show was the Irish singer Grainne Duffy, with her Epiphone SG slung over her shoulder she opened the night up on a bluesy note with “Good Love Had To Die”, accompanied by Paul Sherry on the acoustic guitar. Caught unawares by the bold opening, the crowd was quickly swayed

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Interview with the Kris Barras Band

Bobby Humphrey/ February 15, 2019

The Kris Barras Band are rising stars on the rock and blues music scene, having made several major appearances on the UK and European festival circuit in the past couple of years, including Ramblin’ Man Fair (UK) and Rawa Blues Festival (Poland). On the first leg of their 2019 European tour, the band brought their signature brand of blues-infused heavy

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Cancer Bats @Rescue Rooms 05/02/2019 + Interview

Sean Hubbard/ February 12, 2019

Cancer Bats absolutely levelled Rescue Rooms on Tuesday as part of their extensive UK tour to celebrate their latest release ‘The Spark That Moves’, which was released by surprise on April 20th 2018, almost ten years to the day after they released their iconic sophomore album ‘Hail Destroyer’. Their exhausting 19 song set took songs from both those albums and

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Acoustic Rooms Weekly 04/02/2019

Abby Clarke/ February 5, 2019

Last week was an incredible night with guest artist Chrisèe performing a great guest set, and this week was looking to be just as good with another guest slot from Emzae who recently performed at Beat the Streets. The night started as usual with a few open mic slots and two guitarists kicked things off with Shaman joining them with

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SHVPES @Rescue Rooms 30/01/2019 + Interview

Sean Hubbard/ February 1, 2019

SHVPES played an absolutely blinding set in Rescue Rooms’ Red Room to a pretty packed out crowd despite it being a cold Wednesday night. The majority of the setlist was taken from new album ‘Greater Than’, but they made sure to play older fan favourites like “State of Mind” and “Skin and Bones” off their debut ‘Pain.Joy.Ecstasy.Despair’ which received the

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Acoustic Rooms Weekly 21/01/19

Abby Clarke/ January 22, 2019

Last night was a special night at Acoustic rooms because it was jazz night, with Major Ruse, a Nottingham jazz trio, performing as the main event. Going into the night I didn’t know what to expect but organiser Laurie Illingworth was really excited and promised that if it was anything like the last time Major Ruse came to play back

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