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EP Review: Eyre Llew & In the endless zanhyang we are – ‘Carrier’

Abby Clarke/ April 15, 2019

Nottingham trio Eyre Llew release their EP ‘Carrier’ today, a collaboration of their own ambient rock sounds with Korean shoegaze band ‘In the endless zanhyang we are’. The EP bookmarks an incredible tour exchange which saw the groups spend over three months playing forty-four shows across eight countries. Eyre Llew released their single ‘Silo’, the EP opener, on Sunday 7th

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Drenge- Strange Creatures Preview/Review

Tom Evans/ January 25, 2019

Drenge’s 3rd studio album, Strange Creatures, due for release on the 22nd February is a thoroughly rambunctious affair characterised by loud, clunky guitars and an intelligent lyrical wit. It’s a record which demands your attention with a smorgasbord of sounds for your earholes: there’s the glitchy, ‘80’s-disco-gone-wrong’ bass-lines, the purgative guitar solos and vocalist Eoin loveless’ unforgiving Derbyshire twang to

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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘Chasing Yesterday’ album review

Kelly Beestone/ February 16, 2015

Is this the sound of Noel Gallagher finally emerging from beneath those Oasis-shaped clouds? Whenever Noel Gallagher releases a High Flying Birds album, he must sit back and wait for the inevitable tide of muttering about that band, and how his new music sounds just like them. The first stab at a solo career, a self-titled debut, did nothing to

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