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Ciaran Lavery @ Rescue Rooms, 19/10/15

Gabriella Ahmed/ October 26, 2015

Indie folk is one of those genres which deserves more recognition. The bearded Irish beauty, Ciaran Lavery just summed up what is missing from the modern-indie scene.   The small gig in one of my favourite venues of Nottingham, Rescue Rooms, could have done with a better turnout honestly. Despite the lack of many, he kicked off his set with

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Kalli Ashton @ The Lacehouse, 18/10/15

Luke Matthews/ October 22, 2015

Recently at The Mic, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on one Nottingham singer in particular.  Delicate, humble, gracious; three words that wouldn’t immediately spring to mind when thinking of the characteristics one might need to make a name for themselves in this brutal music industry.  Yet, here I stand in The Lacehouse, witnessing a naturally gifted musician serenade an entire crowd with

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Spector blew the roof off Rescue Rooms

Archie Banks/ October 20, 2015

It was on a Thursday night in a packed, perspiring room at the Nottingham Rescue Rooms that the evidence was provided that Spector have really, truly, arrived. The gig had it all. From the moment the opening bars of melancholic synth-pop tune ‘Lately It’s You’ began to echo across the room, frontman Fred MacPherson had the crowd eating out of

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Local lads Shelter Point set to play The Bodega next week

Luke Matthews/ October 20, 2015

Although born in Coventry, local lads Robin Hearn and Liam Arnold began their musical journey right here in Nottingham.  With their style set and a healthy back catalogue to choose from, they’re treating the locals to a very special gig at The Bodega for a night of silky basslines and transcending vocals. Fresh from their latest release just a week

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Coasts @ Rescue Rooms, 15/10/15

Laura McNally/ October 17, 2015

This Friday Bristol band Coasts brought their own brand of indie to Rescue Rooms, and impressed throughout the night. Although this is all about Coasts, we have to talk about their amazing support act, The Hunna.  They only got signed last week but they really knew how to get the audience nodding along (obviously not singing because they’ve only got

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Spector Gig Preview

Archie Banks/ October 14, 2015

Fresh from successful performances at Reading and Leeds festivals and the positive critical reception given to their newly-released second album ‘Moth Boys’, Cockney indie-rockers Spector bring their Autumn tour to Nottingham Rescue Rooms this week. Led by frontman Fred MacPherson, expect a drastic contrast created by the combination of electric synth-pop, melancholic soft rock and high-tempo indie-rock; something that defines both

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Mallory Knox @ Rock City, 07/10/15

Jason Powell/ October 14, 2015

Having seen Mallory Knox twice before at Slam Dunk, I chose to review this gig because I knew how much emotion gets put into their music, and how great it sounds when played on stage. I came to this expecting to have a sore throat the next day from singing (badly) along to most of the songs. When I first

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Gengahr @ The Bodega, 09/10/15

Keira Andrews/ October 14, 2015

When you struggle to find standing room at a gig, you know the band is on to something great. It was Gengahr’s first headline show in Nottingham, and they certainly didn’t disappoint the packed, swaying crowds at Bodega. Arriving at seven, queues were already lining the street. By the time the doors opened at eight, the line had gone round the corner. This

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Frank Iero @ Rough Trade, 26/05/15

Gabriella Ahmed/ June 17, 2015

As we sway away from the pop-punk-rock-esq My Chemical Romance days, ex-rhythm guitarist, Frank Iero has continued his music artistry with some solo work over the past few years. His unique blend of post-grunge/rock and acoustics is something unheard of usually in this scene, and I had the rare opportunity to sample this the early Sunday afternoon before he waltzed

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