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Bugzy Malone @Rock City 15/11/2018

Kathryn Long/ November 19, 2018

The ‘King of the North’ brought the grime scene to Nottingham’s Rock City last Thursday and completely smashed his performance; or “shut down” the whole place as Bugzy likes to put it. Arriving at the venue, people were already queueing round the whole block, dressed in their finest attire (and most people completed it with the humble bum bag), eager

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Preview: Bugzy Malone@ Rock City

Kathryn Long/ October 25, 2018

Mancunian born Aaron Davis, better known by his stage name Bugzy Malone, is coming to Rock City at Nottingham on November the 1st. After bursting into the indie-grime scene in 2015 with his EP ‘Walk With Me’, Bugzy collected a MOBO nomination that year for Best New Artist and 18 million views on Youtube. Since then Bugzy has followed up

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Kano – Rescue Rooms – 22/03/2016

Jaisai Wongpichet/ April 1, 2016

If you replaced Stüssy tees and crisp white Nikes with gym shorts and tank tops, the Rescue Rooms on this Tuesday night was basically the free weights area of the University Park Campus fitness centre, excessively fuelled by testosterone with an occasional of drop femininity. With 6 years of waiting, Mez, Nottingham’s very own MC’s, had no difficulty firing up

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Kano ‘Made in the Manor’ review

Ashley Kippax/ March 27, 2016

2016, the year in which Grime music is the next best thing- could there be a better time for Kano to make an appearance? Clearly not because this grime veteran is back, bigger and better than ever before with the release of his new album ‘Made in the Manor’. This exclusive album, featuring the likes of Grime legends Giggs and

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