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Bangers from Down Under #6 – Ruby Fields: One of Australia’s Most Kick-Ass Chicks

Patrick Donnelly/ May 10, 2019

Ruby Fields is a 21 year-old singer-songwriter from New South Wales and quickly became one of my favourite artists as I stumbled upon her music on Spotify. Despite describing herself as an ‘average chick’ on various social media bios, I’d argue there’s nothing average about her and her music. Her lyrics are meaningful without being pretentious and her songs are

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David Gray @Royal Concert Hall 23/03/2019

Alex Barston/ March 24, 2019

It’s been nearly 20 years since David Gray smashed into the UK charts with his superb ‘White Ladder’ album, yet there are still huge numbers of eager revelers who yearn to see him live. Indeed, the Manchester singer performed to an excitable Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on Saturday evening. My personal relationship with David Gray’s music is a nostalgic one.

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Seafret @The Bodega 25/02/2019

Kathryn Long/ March 4, 2019

Acoustic duo Seafret made up of singer/guitarist Jack Sedman and guitarist/pianist Harry Draper performed at The Bodega in Nottingham last Monday, and having already seen them live before in 2017, I was eager to see them again. There was a good atmosphere from the start. With a bar next to the stage, audience members bought their pints and gathered on

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An interview with Newton Faulkner over coffee

Priyanka Mistry/ April 19, 2016

On 15th April Newton Faulkner played Rock City, and I had the chance to interview him before the gig. When I met him he was as calm as his music, offering me coffee and being as hospitable as he could in the small artist lounge. We had an interesting chat, delving deep into his experience on the road and his

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Newton Faulkner set to Folk up Rock City

Priyanka Mistry/ April 1, 2016

Folk and rock artist Newton Faulkner is set to hit Rock City this April. With hits such as “Teardrop”, “Dream Catch Me”, and “Clouds” it’s set to be soulful and emotional gig. At this stressful time of year for students, Faulkner’s music is the perfect way to escape. After scouring the internet for some music that I can study to,

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Yeezys, TayTay Swift and How To Hit It Big – Eliza and The Bear

Emma Hulston/ February 12, 2016

I chatted to Eliza and the Bear, more specifically with Chris Brand (bass) and Callie Noakes (vocals, keyboard), and this was the result.    So when did Eliza and the Bear all kick off? CN: Ahhh man, this always make me feel so old because I reckon it’s been about 3 and a half years now CB: No way! Longer

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Eliza and The Bear Rock Sell-out Crowd at The Bodega

Olli Yerby/ February 10, 2016

Excited doesn’t cut it for how I felt as I made my way to the Bodega for what I’m certain was the last chance to hear Eliza and the Bear play such an intimate venue as their stellar upward trajectory continues. The evening started gently as Michael Cassidy opened with some stunning Scottish acoustics, from the sombre These Hands building up to faster, more

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Daughter to bring their brand of indie-folk to Rock City

Hugh Wood/ January 19, 2016

Daughter’s tour coincides with the release of their second full album “Not to Disappear”. Despite carrying on in the vein of their melancholic “If You Leave”, the band have a grown into a slightly larger, more confident sound. The band’s grand, sweeping style should translate well to the stage, and I’m looking forward to seeing them for the first time! Let’s

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Artist Profile: Martin Luke Brown

Ceryn Morris/ October 31, 2015

Leicester born singer-songwriter Martin Luke Brown’s support is ever-growing, something that is reflected by his 75,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 68,000 Youtube views. His gritty soul and folk-infused falsetto create a unique and distinguishable tone, which is heavily influenced by artists such as Ray Charles and The Beatles. His hit song ‘Nostalgia’ which was released in 2014 brought much focus

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Jane Weaver transported the audience at The Bodega on Sunday night

Tushara Rose/ October 20, 2015

Jane Weaver’s unique brand of psychedelic pop/folk is intriguing to listen to, especially on her 2014 concept album, The Silver Globe, which was lauded by fans and critics alike, becoming the crowning highlight of her 20 year career. Her music is immersive when recorded; live it is something else. Weaver transported the audience at The Bodega on Sunday night, with

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