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Acoustic Rooms Weekly 04/02/2019

Abby Clarke/ February 5, 2019

Last week was an incredible night with guest artist Chrisèe performing a great guest set, and this week was looking to be just as good with another guest slot from Emzae who recently performed at Beat the Streets. The night started as usual with a few open mic slots and two guitarists kicked things off with Shaman joining them with

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Deptford Goth – ‘Songs’ album review

Jaisai Wongpichet/ November 10, 2014

Following his 2013 debut, Life after Defo, Deptford Goth has come back with a more upfront and honest sound for his second album: Songs. Sticking to his love for synthesisers and vague lyrics, we were promised a more cheerful and joyous record from him at the press release a few days before Songs’ release. And yes, this album is just about as

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Jredd – ‘The Next Level’ album review

George Haslem/ October 30, 2014

 Most 8 or 16-bit soundtracks get monotonous and dull over time, but Jredd’s new album ‘The Next Level’ manages to overcome this. Mixing techno, electronic and 8/16-bit sound samples from Sega games, Jredd creates a nostalgic album which will keep you guessing where that last beat came from. Admittedly a bit of a niche album that won’t appeal to many, but to those electronic fans who are looking for something a

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Foxes – Youth (Single)

Gabriella Ahmed/ October 28, 2013

Louisa Rose Allen, known to us as Foxes has released her new single Youth which has instantly drawn me into checking out what she’s done already. Despite fresh face on the electro pop scene, she’s already guested with massive artists such as Rudimental and Fall Out Boy. Youth still seems as enticing as it was when it came out, now

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