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The Cribs – “For All My Sisters” album review

Gabriel Burrow/ March 23, 2015

‘For All My Sisters’, the first of two new studio albums from Wakefield rockers ,The Cribs is a self-professed pop-romp, and delivers no end of unabashed riffs and hooks. The album is somewhat of a departure from the raw aesthetic of their previous record ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’, by instead drawing on 80s pop influences. This shift

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Foo Fighters – ‘Sonic Highways’ album review

Gabriella Ahmed/ November 19, 2014

Dave Grohl pretty much defines the rock music movement today, and almost 4 years later has released the sinful glory which is Sonic Highways. Foo’s 8th album seemed to beat the stereotype of classic rock, by recording each individual track in a different American city, in iconic studios where history was made. Sonic Highways captures the essence of being American, whilst having the rock ballads to

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Deptford Goth – ‘Songs’ album review

Jaisai Wongpichet/ November 10, 2014

Following his 2013 debut, Life after Defo, Deptford Goth has come back with a more upfront and honest sound for his second album: Songs. Sticking to his love for synthesisers and vague lyrics, we were promised a more cheerful and joyous record from him at the press release a few days before Songs’ release. And yes, this album is just about as

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Gerard Way – ‘Hesitant Alien’ album review

Olivia Wilkins/ October 23, 2014

Gerard Way’s solo career is not My Chemical Romance 2.0, and that’s clear from the first few seconds of The Bureau, the opening track of début album Hesitant Alien. Infused with rock and roll style guitars and lyrics to incite rebellion against ‘The Man’, it’s everything you’d expect from a killer opening track. Next comes ‘Action Cat’, which isn’t really

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New Found Glory – ‘Resurrection’ album review

Eleanor Parkinson/ October 20, 2014

After having the same line-up for 17 years, some questioned whether New Found Glory’s new album ‘Resurrection’ would be unavailing after the controversial departure of guitarist Steve Klein last year. However, if there’s one way to show that you’re going to work just fine as a four piece, releasing an album as flawless as ‘Resurrection’ is definitely one. The album

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Kye Alfred Hillig – ‘The Buddhist’ album review

George Haslem/ October 13, 2014

The Buddhist is the fourth album of the little known American singer songwriter Kye Alfred Hillig. Hillig began recording in 2012, and has increased in popularity and skill over this time. His latest album is his most solid yet, a collection of hauntingly reflective songs touching on subjects that most of us would rather block out and ignore. The songs come

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Jamie T – ‘Carry on the Grudge’ album review

Gabriella Ahmed/ October 7, 2014

After eagerly waiting for new material from London lad, he has emerged through the darkness to bring us probably his best work yet. The rawness of his atmosphere just makes him so loveable, in any form- what I like about this album. Carry on the Grudge is an emotionally damaged album, subtly hinting to what I can only imagine his life might

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Cage the Elephant’s “Fear of Music” – Melophobia

Gabriella Ahmed/ October 9, 2013

Kentucky rock band Cage the Elephant, writing their third album was definitely a challenge. Released on the 8th of October, Melophobia mixes mellow sounds, along with some 60’s vibes, with a new set of electric rock songs. The first single Come a Little Closer frankly hits the album of to a kicking start. The rolling bassline subtly complimented by Matt

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Tribes ‘Wish to Scream’ Album

The Mic/ June 11, 2013

There are many contested things in this turbulent day and age: Palestine, Britain and the Euro, the efficacy of the 4-4-2 system, to name but a few.   The intrinsic worth of the new ‘Tribes’ album ‘Wish to Scream’ (release date 20/05/13) is another such issue. Widely panned as a ‘disappointment’, the general consensus is that ‘Wish to Scream’ lacks

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Astraea by Rolo Tomassi

The Mic/ November 10, 2012

Fans who associate Rolo Tomassi with a sense of pure chaos may have to readjust for Astraea. After the departure of Joe Nicholson and his blurry-fingered guitar-dada, as well as bassist Joseph Thorpe, the band recruited members of Brontide and No Coast to complete their lineup, with the result of a more direct and approachable song writing mode. It is their least

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