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The Mic Magazine is the University of Nottingham’s Official Music Magazine – created by students, for students. This magazine is a cauldron of creativity, industry and most importantly, music.

We’ve made some big changes behind the scenes at The Mic this year, and we’ve reflected that in some big changes on the outside with a re-brand facelift and a shiny new website.

The Mic Magazine offers budding writers, journalists, designers, event organisers, editors, marketers and salespeople the chance to indulge in, and share their love of music culture whilst gaining valuable experience for their future careers.

Our priorities are quality journalism, competitive advertising and building The Mic Magazine’s reputation as one of the UK’s best student music magazines.

To do this, we need you.

A Magazine Is Nothing Without Brilliant Content.

We need talented writers, editors and journalists who can review, interview and preview fresh new acts appearing all around Nottingham. That is, as long as you don’t mind going to gigs for free and chatting to your favorite artists. Do you want to get your name published?

A Magazine Has to Look Great

Our magazine is printed in huge quantities, in full colour, all year round. We need a dedicated team who can create brilliant, striking and functional layouts to engage readers and make content work. Do you have the eye for design that we need?

A Magazine is a Big Book of Adverts: Sell it

With a brand new website, social media network and ever growing print campaign, we are a fully functioning business through and through. We need people who can sell advertising space to raise money as well as people to market our magazine effectively. If you can sell ice to eskimos, we need you.

This is What Music Is All About

Our hard working members deserve amazing nights out in on of the UK’s best cities for live music. We need outgoing, organized people to put on socials for all of our members, as well as organizing live gigs to raise funds for the magazine. If you’re the one who always gets everyone out, why not turn pro?

Email or visit for more details.

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