GUN – ‘Favourite Pleasures’ Album Review

Archie Banks/ September 4, 2017

Scottish rock band GUN, most famous for their excellent cover of the  Cameo hit ‘Word Up’, release their follow-up to 2015’s ‘Frantic’ later this month. With the band one to note for their memorably strong live performances, the focus when looking at new releases from such a band has to be where the songs will slot into a live set.

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‘This Life’ – A Review of Coasts’ New Album

Archie Banks/ August 17, 2017

Friday 18th August will mark the release date of Bristol five-piece Coasts’ second album ‘This Life’, a follow up to their 2016 eponymous debut and preceding a mammoth 38-date tour throughout the rest of the year, which will take in every corner of the UK. Their debut album received mixed reviews it must be said – singles such as ‘Oceans’

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The Rifles – Unplugged.. Album Review

Archie Banks/ May 5, 2017

The Rifles might just be one of the most underrated bands in the UK.   There, it’s been said. No, they don’t sell out arenas, and no they don’t have 15 number one singles to their name. But if you critically examine each album they have produced, each one different in its own right, it is very difficult to fault

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Alt-J Track Reviews: “3WW” and “In Cold Blood”

Emilio Cruzalegui/ April 5, 2017

Five years ago, four students from Leeds were just starting to break through the indie scene, having only released a handful of singles including tracks such as “Tessellate” and “Fitzpleasure”. A Mercury Prize, an Ivor Novello Award and various BRIT and Grammy nominations later,  Alt-J have become one of the biggest British indie bands around and perhaps one of the

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Review: Ed Sheeran- ‘Castle on the Hill’ and ‘Shape of You’

The Mic/ January 20, 2017

England’s national treasure, our ginger, down-to- earth, ordinary Joe turned global phenomenon Ed Sheeran has made his return to music after exactly one year off, after he found himself “seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes.” (If that’s not inspiration for us 21st century infatuated kids to do some soul searching, I don’t know what is.) His

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Album Review: Danny Brown- Atrocity Exhibition

Emilio Cruzalegui/ October 10, 2016

Danny Brown has always been one of the most eccentric rappers in today’s hip-hop scene. I’ve always found he had somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde quality about him; capable of a chilled out, socially conscious track immediately followed by an outrageous hedonistically mindless party banger. That’s probably just proof of his versatility but for some reason, that stark contrast

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Metronomy – Summer 08

Gabriel Burrow/ July 19, 2016

Joseph Mount’s electro-pop act, Metronomy, have a lot going for them. The four piece have gained recognition for their winning blend of professionalism and pouty sass, and with their latest album they build on this formula to great effect. Summer 08 is an unashamedly enjoyable album. In interviews Mount has discussed how memories of partying in the late-naughties were prevalent

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Album Review: Thick As Thieves, The Temper Trap

Priyanka Mistry/ May 24, 2016

Australian Indie-Alternative band The Temper Trap are back with their much awaited third album. The band rose to popularity with their 2008 single Sweet Disposition (which featured on the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack). After three long years of recording, Thick as Thieves is finally ready to be released just in time for the bands tour of Australia, Asia and

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Album Review: James Blake – The Colour in Anything

Emilio Cruzalegui/ May 9, 2016

Three years after winning the Mercury Prize with his stunning sophomore album Overgrown, James Blake is back with the rather poetically titled The Colour in Anything. The young British electronic maestro returns after two critically acclaimed releases with a 17-track effort, which also features Bon Iver guitarist Justin Vernon and joint song writing from the now elusive Frank Ocean.  Tracks

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Weezer – White Album Review

Gabriel Burrow/ April 19, 2016

It’s no secret that the turn of the century heralded a decline in the quality of Weezer’s discography – songs like “Beverly Hills” didn’t really bring Rivers Cuomo’s perceptive, witty, and above all relatable best to bear. This latest “White Album” is their fourth self-titled studio album and the best of the bunch save their blue-backed debut. This time the

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