The Cribs @ Rescue Rooms, 11/02/15

Gabriella Ahmed/ February 14, 2015

For indie rock warriors, The Cribs, the time after the long anticipated wait for new material to emerge was finally here. Touring round the quirkiest venues around the country, started off in Nottingham’s very own Rescue Rooms. Despite limited material being put online, after my interview later in the afternoon with Gary here, I had much more of an idea

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Gnarwolves @ Rescue Rooms, 7/12/14

Liam Fleming/ February 2, 2015

You won’t see pyro or a fancy light shows tonight. There won’t be the costume changes you might expect at a Taylor Swift show. Tonight will not involve Alice Cooper style theatrics, because that isn’t what a Gnarwolves’ show is about. Gnarwolves shows consist of two things: meaningful passionate punk music and fun, and tonight certainly delivered these expectations. The

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Alvvays @ The Bodega, 26/01/15

Kieran Hallam/ January 30, 2015

Twee-pop still remains an under-appreciated genre. How many times have you heard the adjective ‘twee’ used as a pejorative? Probably more times than as a genre tag I’d wager. And yet twee-pop (or indie-pop as it was known then) was and remains a crucial stepping stone between Punk Rock and Indie Rock in Rock n’ Roll history. Still not convinced?

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Kasabian @ Capital FM Arena, 28/11/12

Grace Monaghan/ December 20, 2014

Eez-eh! eez-eh! The crowd bellowed at any opportune moment throughout the Kasabian gig at the Capital FM Arena last week. For the entire duration of the set, the band succeeded in what few acts can achieve: creating an environment of escapism where the crowd could feed off the bravado lyrics and tongue-in-cheek attitude of the Les-tah four piece. The band

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Swans @ Rescue Rooms, 08/12/14

Kieran Hallam/ December 17, 2014

I knew from the start, that this gig would be a test of endurance, both in its length, and in its brutal and constant assault on the audience’s ear drums. And yet still, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into Rescue Rooms on Monday, on what must have been the coldest night of the year. Reading John

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Nick Mulvey @ Rescue Rooms, 31/10/14

Aaron Brudney/ November 9, 2014

Every once in a while you get an artist with a critically acclaimed, award nominated album who still manages to surpass all rational expectations with their live performances. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Nick Mulvey. The Halloween gig kicked off with support from ‘Sivu’, fresh from his 2014 debut album, who set the mood perfectly

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Jamie T @ Rock City, 04/11/14

Gabriella Ahmed/ November 7, 2014

I came into the depths of Rock City, wondering whether or not after 5 years of his last album, I’d just be surrounded by a bunch of hipsters who knew only the lyrics to ‘Zombie’. In a sold-out gig I was quite surprised how big his fanbase had grown; the seemingly forgotten London lad was back again for good. I found

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Dan Croll @ Rescue Rooms, 15/10/14

Gabriella Ahmed/ October 19, 2014

From my previous experiences, I have known not to come late to a gig. As I walked into the dark, grungy back room of Rescue Rooms, I could see that it was quite empty. All was to change quite soon, but this at least gave me the opportunity to wiggle near the front of the stage. Having come once before

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Alternative Week Finale @ The Bodega – 05/10/14

The Mic/ October 15, 2014

The first week of October brought us Punksoc, Rocksoc and Highsoc’s Alternative Week, which built up to an all day finale gig at Bodega. Split into two halves, the event saw no less than seven bands make their way to the venue to disturb the peace of a Sunday afternoon. First to perform was Alexander and the Christopher Hale Band, who

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Indiana @ Bodega, 5/02/2014

Jess Salter/ February 26, 2014

  After having to cancel in December due to illness, Indiana rescheduled her homecoming gig to her loyal local fans, for 2 months later, bringing with her a set of striking songs, likely to cause a stir in 2014. The packed out top room of the Bodega Social club waited patiently in front of the electric blue light, behind the

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