Amber Run @ Rescue Rooms, 28/04/2015

Megan Spoor/ May 5, 2015

The first act appeared on stage only fifteen minutes after doors had opened, as eager to play as we were to listen. The stunning, ethereal vocals of Meadowlark, hushed the excited crowd to a pin-drop silence. The duo parted for Kate to sing ‘Little Boxes’, at which point everyone seemed to collectively exhale. Although still clearly nervous on stage, with

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Pierce the Veil vs Sleeping With Sirens @ Rock City, 07/04/15

Jason Powell/ April 12, 2015

Never before have I seen the queue line go round the block for Rock City, nor have I seen teenage fan girls get excited over quite such small things, such as their screaming when the bouncers started letting people in. But this was to be expected, two very popular bands were playing, to say I wasn’t also excited would be

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Charli XCX @ Rescue Rooms, 01/04/15

Gabriella Ahmed/ April 5, 2015

As all the teenage souls crawled themselves into the packed venue, I was a little surprised to say the least that they’d left the first act to come on stage and hour and a half after the doors had opened. I mean most these kids couldn’t even legally drink here, so they had to find some distraction in their selfies

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Of Mice & Men @ Rock City, 02/04/2015

Ryan Boultbee/ April 4, 2015

Opening lines are often incredibly hard, first impressions count and as the opening act you really want to pump up the crowd. The Volumes hit the spot perfectly with a simple and geographically aware “come on Birmingham…”  They went on to personally guarantee us this would be one of the best nights of our lives… And in some jammy stroke

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The Subways @ Rescue Rooms, 29/03/15

Gabriella Ahmed/ April 1, 2015

Fashionably late as I was from the treacherous weather from the finest city in the Midlands, I annoyingly missed the first act Same Streets. From what I heard from outside, they sounded alright I guess, like any other guitar band: creating good music but failing to lack originality. I walked into a barely filled venue. Listeners had obviously done their research as

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Lonelady @ Rough Trade, 24/03/2015

Kelly Beestone/ March 30, 2015

When Rough Trade Records opened a store in Nottingham earlier this year, the city knew they would be treated to a wealth of new artists arriving to showcase their talent. And tonight is no exception. Although the venue is small, there is an enthusiastic crowd gathering to greet Lonelady (aka Julie Campbell) tonight. And she doesn’t disappoint. Launching straight in

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Amaranthe @ Rescue Rooms, 21/03/2015

Jason Powell/ March 30, 2015

Being heavier than the usual gigs I attend, I wasn’t sure what this was going to turn out like. But damn, the bands and the Rescue Rooms didn’t let me down! Starting the night was Finnish glam metal band Santa Cruz. This band impressed me quite a lot with the vocalist’s large and high vocal range and the guitar solos.

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Lonely The Brave @ The Bodega, 09/03/2015

Samuel Adams/ March 24, 2015

In a place like Bodega you are always going to get a real feel for what a band is like, to have their energy seep into your skin; 9th March was no exception. With the venue absolutely rammed and a group that are really making a name for themselves, everyone in the heaving room knew that they were in for

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Papa Roach @ Rock City, 18/03/2015

Luke Matthews/ March 22, 2015

When you’ve grown up listening to a band for so long, you develop a certain level of respect for the ones that persist in making music and continue to tour around the globe.  This respect cannot easily be described; more often that not it goes unnoticed as lives grow older and busier.  Luck so had it that I received two

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Champs @ The Bodega, 18/03/2015

Emma Hulston/ March 22, 2015

Originally from the Isle of White, brothers Michael and David Champion are the make-up of Champs; an indie rock band with an old school folk/ pop vibe that will have you swaying and dancing till dusk. Finishing off their Europe tour in Nottingham’s Bodega, Champs were welcomed to a moderate yet encapsulated audience, from students to golden oldies. Their creative

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