Bestival: More Than Music

Luke Gallimore/ August 9, 2013

They say that variety is the spice of life, and this year’s Bestival is set to be one of the spiciest festivals around. With 9 separate areas to choose from, there’s a hell of a lot more to Bestival than just incredible, world class music acts. Tomorrows World is a thought provoking area, stirring your social, cultural, scientific and environmental

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Nottingham Alumni London Grammar Are Doing Alright

Luke Gallimore/ August 8, 2013

Previous alumni of the University of Nottingham include the head of the MI6, the guy who created Ibuprofen, the Prime Minister of Malaysia and chairman of JD Wetherspoon (lad) but now, finally, we have some alumni we can be really proud of – London Grammar. Since introducing themselves with near anonymous posts of two songs (Hey Now and Metal &

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Preview: Bonehouse, Dirtdrinker, Without Maps @ J.T Soar 30/06/13

The Mic/ June 28, 2013

Whilst Lenton becomes a ghost town as the final students return home for summer, J.T Soar again proves that the music scene is still alive and awake as they welcome Scottish lads Bonehouse. The foursome’s raw, gritty vocal melodies combined with crunchy Bear vs Shark/Castavet style emo riffs make for a heartfelt and crowd-engaging performance. The band are also joined

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Preview: Islet, Weirds & Alaskan Faction @ The Chameleon 6th June

The Mic/ June 4, 2013

This thursday Welsh psychedelic indie rockers Islet come to Nottingham to headline The Chameleon Arts Cafe. The show comes just ahead of the release of the band’s new single ‘Triangulation Station’, out on 10th June and from their upcoming album Released By The Movement. The single, staying true to the bands’s Promethean and experimental sound, has been described as ‘a maximalist psych-prog

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D2D preview #5: London Grammar

The Mic/ May 23, 2013

  With a catalogue of just 3 songs, London Grammar have us excited. Their first track ‘Wasting My Young Years’ shows off Hannah Reid’s soaring vocals and the appropriacy of this band for any arena. All that needs to be said is if Florence Welch, Regina Spektor and Hannah had a karaoke-off we’re not sure who our money would be on. 

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D2D preview #4: Lucy Rose

The Mic/ May 20, 2013

OK, we were trying to focus on some of the less obvious acts of this year’s Dot to Dot Festival that we’re most looking forward to, but it’s unavoidable. Lucy Rose will steal the show. I was lucky enough to be at Lucy’s sold-out show at The Bodega last October, where her charming modesty shone through her perfectly balanced set

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D2D preview #3: Story Books

The Mic/ May 19, 2013

Story Books are probably best known by their 2012 single ‘Peregrine’ that was BBC Introducing’s tip of the week, and features singer Kristofer Harris singing gloomily on a train track. Gloominess aside, the band write songs that are anthemic but not at the cost of intelligent songwriting, and all are as touching and texturally satisfying as the next. Here’s the

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D2D preview #2: Swim Deep

The Mic/ May 18, 2013

The Mic caught up with Austin, Higgy, Zach and Cav from Swim Deep on their last trip to Nottingham. We’ve been revisting their best words in anticipation of Dot to Dot. What’s the strangest experience you’ve had so far? There’s a video  that our photographer took, where he goes round the corner and I’m face down, lying on the ground.

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D2D preview #1: spaceships are cool

The Mic/ May 17, 2013

With Dot to Dot just around the corner, The Mic will be previewing the festival everyday with a look at some of the bands that we’re most looking forward to. Today, it’s Nottingham’s spaceships are cool. spaceships are cool are a really hard band to describe. They’ve got that great late 90s/early 00’s American indie that sounds like it should

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