News – Moon King’s Secret Life EP released 13/04/14

Gabriella Ahmed/ January 24, 2015

Toronto’s dwelling duo, Moon King are back with their quintessential, emotion grasping new EP Secret Life, which will come through Last Gang Records in the beloved UK on the 13th April, and iTunes release worldwide the day after. The sound from their new project is simply organic, with just the right mix of harmonic and electrifying. The album opener, ‘Rosewell’ can be heard below: They’re kind

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News – Little Comets’ 3rd Album released 16/02/15, and UK tour Feb/March

Gabriella Ahmed/ January 19, 2015

After two years of keeping us on edge, Little Comets have finally got round to release what we’ve all been waiting for: their third studio album, ‘Hope Is A State of Mind’, on the 16th February 2015.  After panning across 2014 with three EPs, their new collection of a dozen tracks , is just the thing to crack into the

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Kasabian @ Capital FM Arena, 28/11/12

Grace Monaghan/ December 20, 2014

Eez-eh! eez-eh! The crowd bellowed at any opportune moment throughout the Kasabian gig at the Capital FM Arena last week. For the entire duration of the set, the band succeeded in what few acts can achieve: creating an environment of escapism where the crowd could feed off the bravado lyrics and tongue-in-cheek attitude of the Les-tah four piece. The band

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Swans @ Rescue Rooms, 08/12/14

Kieran Hallam/ December 17, 2014

I knew from the start, that this gig would be a test of endurance, both in its length, and in its brutal and constant assault on the audience’s ear drums. And yet still, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into Rescue Rooms on Monday, on what must have been the coldest night of the year. Reading John

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Foo Fighters – ‘Sonic Highways’ album review

Gabriella Ahmed/ November 19, 2014

Dave Grohl pretty much defines the rock music movement today, and almost 4 years later has released the sinful glory which is Sonic Highways. Foo’s 8th album seemed to beat the stereotype of classic rock, by recording each individual track in a different American city, in iconic studios where history was made. Sonic Highways captures the essence of being American, whilst having the rock ballads to

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Deptford Goth – ‘Songs’ album review

Jaisai Wongpichet/ November 10, 2014

Following his 2013 debut, Life after Defo, Deptford Goth has come back with a more upfront and honest sound for his second album: Songs. Sticking to his love for synthesisers and vague lyrics, we were promised a more cheerful and joyous record from him at the press release a few days before Songs’ release. And yes, this album is just about as

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Nick Mulvey @ Rescue Rooms, 31/10/14

Aaron Brudney/ November 9, 2014

Every once in a while you get an artist with a critically acclaimed, award nominated album who still manages to surpass all rational expectations with their live performances. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Nick Mulvey. The Halloween gig kicked off with support from ‘Sivu’, fresh from his 2014 debut album, who set the mood perfectly

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Jamie T @ Rock City, 04/11/14

Gabriella Ahmed/ November 7, 2014

I came into the depths of Rock City, wondering whether or not after 5 years of his last album, I’d just be surrounded by a bunch of hipsters who knew only the lyrics to ‘Zombie’. In a sold-out gig I was quite surprised how big his fanbase had grown; the seemingly forgotten London lad was back again for good. I found

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Jredd – ‘The Next Level’ album review

George Haslem/ October 30, 2014

 Most 8 or 16-bit soundtracks get monotonous and dull over time, but Jredd’s new album ‘The Next Level’ manages to overcome this. Mixing techno, electronic and 8/16-bit sound samples from Sega games, Jredd creates a nostalgic album which will keep you guessing where that last beat came from. Admittedly a bit of a niche album that won’t appeal to many, but to those electronic fans who are looking for something a

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Johnny Marr – ‘Playland’ album review

Gabriel Burrow/ October 30, 2014

Just 18 months after Marr’s solo debut, The Messenger, the indie guitar virtuoso returns with, well, another album. When Playland’s first single ‘Easy Money’ dropped in mid-August it proved an unsurprising yet catchy aperitif for things to come. At the same time, the song struck me as highly reminiscent of Marr’s solo debut, with all the glorious indie guitar riffing

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