Fenech-Soler Live at Rescue Rooms – 17/11/2013

Cherry Flett/ December 7, 2013

Fenech-Soler, a four-member electropop band from Kings Cliffe, return to Nottingham for the second time this year. They are promoting their new album, ‘Rituals’, after a three year gap since their first studio album, whose most well-known singles include Lies and Demons. Having just walked past a crowd of teenage girls waiting for Panic! at the Disco at Rock City,

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Los Campesinos! – ‘No Blues’ album review

Cherry Flett/ December 7, 2013

Los Campesinos! have come a long way from the twee innocence and youthful enthusiasm of their 2008 debut ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’ Each album since has become increasingly dark, culminating in 2011’s ‘Hello Sadness’. This was marked by a stripped-back sound of bleak guitars and even bleaker violins, alongside particularly tender lyrics, based on frontman Gareth Paisey’s break-up with Slow

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Lorde- Pure Heroine

The Mic/ November 29, 2013

In a number of other reviews for Lorde’s Pure Heroine, quite a number of words are dedicated to the context of her age. Although it might be the opinion of other writers that it’s a remarkable record for a sixteen year old to co-write and release, generally, it is a remarkable record irrespective of her youth. Lorde might have released

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Foy Vance @ Bodega, 24/11/13

Katie Harrison/ November 27, 2013

Northern Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance came to The Bodega to showcase his new album, Joy of Nothing, during his worldwide tour which has seen him touring widely in America and the UK and onwards to Europe. With a collection of gorgeous tracks which are alternately heart-warming and heart-wrenching, he put on one of the best gigs I have been to

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Panic! at The Disco live @ Rock City 17/11/13

The Mic/ November 26, 2013

As one of the bands which sparked my love for music out of the mainstream, seeing Panic! At The Disco was never going to be disappointing. With the very high expectations and the images built up in my mind, I was adamant not to let my thirst for an incredible gig be left unquenched. Walking into the venue I was

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The Staves @ Glee Club, 31/10/13

Katie Harrison/ November 14, 2013

The Staves, known for their gorgeous harmonies and ethereal tones, lived up to expectations, delivering a performance filled with witty exchanges with the audience and making it a simply lovely evening in general. It was Halloween that night, so when they came on stage they had to mention their lack of costumes; ‘Trust me, we feel pretty silly that we’re

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Linkin Park – ‘Recharged’ Album Review

The Mic/ November 12, 2013

Linkin Park is renowned for being the last of the ‘true’ nu-metal bands, having evolved so as not to get outdated. The American rockers have progressed and expanded their sound, with the progression in Recharged marking a new step into the realm of dance and dubstep. The new 67-minute album is almost entirely a set of remixes of 2012’s Living

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‘I’m sorry, who again?’ #4 – Joe Bonamassa

Jack Greenard/ November 11, 2013

  This blog is about bands/artists that, even though being around for some time, have still yet to achieve the recognition that they deserve beyond their loyal fanbases. With this blog I will bring you an artist or band each week that has yet to make that massive impact on mainstream music, giving short histories and mini reviews of their

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Arcade Fire – Reflektor

The Mic/ November 11, 2013

  After a thrilling furore of three outstanding albums, Arcade Fire return with a fourth pulsating, effervescent, mind-smashing head-whirl of an album: Reflektor. This is an album that definitely deserves to have the bass turned up hard. Kicking off the the album, the title track is a great opener. The driving beats and electronic fervour thrust you through the track

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Coasts @ Bodega 23/10/13

The Mic/ November 7, 2013

The 23rd October saw Bristol based band Coasts bring their chilled and laid-back vibes, which wouldn’t sound out of place on a tropical island, to Nottingham. Support came in the form of In the Teepees and White Giant who were faced with the task of getting the small and hugely diverse crowd ready for the main event.  White Giant, in

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