Fickle Friends just blew every other interview out of the water

Luke Matthews/ March 3, 2016

Last week, I caught up with Brighton 5-piece Fickle Friends.  Could the people behind their infectious, pop-indie bangers be as fun-loving and bouncy as their tracks make out?  Damn right, they are.  I present to you Natti, Sam and Harry (plus a quick, last minute cameo from Chris).  #ChillSexyVibes.  Enjoy.   I’ve just found Fickle Friends on Tinder. What would

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Clean Cut Kid on their rise to fame, rapid songwriting and Liverpool’s music scene

Luke Matthews/ March 1, 2016

Mic President, Luke Matthews managed to catch up with lively Liverpool 4-piece Clean Cut Kid ahead of their supporting slot on Fickle Friends tour.  In just 20 short minutes, we learn how the thriving music scene in hometown Liverpool significantly helps boost their popularity around the UK, whilst also bagging Live Lounge slots and American festivals along the way.   If you’d

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An interview with Ryan Hamilton

Rebecca Marano/ February 29, 2016

Rebecca Marano recently caught up with Ryan Hamilton ahead of his gig at The Bodega on March 7th. Hi Ryan, thank you so much for speaking to us at The Mic Today! My pleasure! Thank YOU! So…you’re kicking off the UK tour with a house party gig, in Bolton of all places! How did that come about? I had the

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An Interview with Cage the Elephant bass guitarist Daniel “Titch”

Calum Whittingham/ February 23, 2016

Cage the Elephant continue their tour across the UK and before their show at Rescue Rooms, I managed to get an interview with Daniel Tichenor, otherwise ironically known as Titch (He’s a tall guy). The show was fantastic as expected and Titch had a lot of interesting things to say… How’s the tour been so far, you excited? Yeah I

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In Conversation With… Ady Suleiman

Betty Owoo/ February 16, 2016

Ady Suleiman is definitely one to watch. Hailing from the outskirts of Nottingham, his striking blend of soul singing, evocative lyrics and soaring melodies makes him one of the more unique artists to come out of the UK in years. His fresh and distinctive sound, which he puts to a blend of wide ranging influences has won him fans as

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Yeezys, TayTay Swift and How To Hit It Big – Eliza and The Bear

Emma Hulston/ February 12, 2016

I chatted to Eliza and the Bear, more specifically with Chris Brand (bass) and Callie Noakes (vocals, keyboard), and this was the result.    So when did Eliza and the Bear all kick off? CN: Ahhh man, this always make me feel so old because I reckon it’s been about 3 and a half years now CB: No way! Longer

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An interview with Drenge frontman Eoin Loveless

Pierre Ostercamp/ February 3, 2016

The way made Undertow was to record the instrumentals and then write all the lyrics at once to thread it together, do you think that’s something you’ll do in the future now? I didn’t like it because it felt like I was writing a body of work rather than individual songs, and now  I’m much more interested in writing songs,

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An interview with Lower Than Atlantis drummer Eddy Thrower

Luke Morenas Jones/ December 21, 2015

It’s been a while since Lower Than Atlantis played Nottingham so it’s only fair that we caught up with their drummer Eddy Thrower before hitting the main stage in Rock City for the first time in their history… So then Eddy, how’s tour been so far? Good mate thanks, only had two dates so far but they’ve both been quality.

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An Interview with We Are The Ocean!

Harry Warner/ December 3, 2015

-Do you feel like you had a particular inspiration for ‘Ark’ album? Liam: “We just kind of, dismiss any ideas. Just whatever was flowing we’d go with it” Alfie: “We were into the 70’s rock bands, The Band and Led Zeppelin. Obviously loads of others as well, but I remember that’s what we were talking about, and we liked how

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