Sleaford Mods at The Royal Concert Hall

Sadie Agg/ October 2, 2018

After a couple of years of listening to and trying to figure out Sleaford Mods and where they stand in today’s music scene and its decline in originality, it can be said with great certainty that Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn are delivering ideas that are bold, new and often feared. As we watched the interesting choice of supporting band,

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Ezra Furman – ‘Transangelic Exodus’

Sadie Agg/ February 12, 2018

Finally, after the release of three singles, and an early announcement, Ezra Furman brings us Transangelic Exodus. Although this is technically Ezra’s eighth album, the newly named Ezra Furman and The Visions has taken a dramatic new path with Transangelic Exodus. Ezra has drifted away from his previously folk, rock and roll influences of Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground,

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Low In High School – Morrissey’s as Controversial as ever…

Sadie Agg/ November 17, 2017

After much anticipation, Steven Patrick MORRISSEY brings us his first album in 3 years; along with a list of UK tour dates much to our surprise (the 58-year old previously said that his last UK tour may be his final one). After hearing Morrissey’s first single, ‘Spent the Day In Bed’, the direction the album would take was unclear, though

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