The Slow Reader’s Club at Rescue Rooms

Rebecca Weatheril/ November 27, 2017

Manchester’s Synth-Dad-Rock quartet ‘The Slow Reader’s Club’ are coming to the end of their tour now and are still full of energy.  Their last album came out all the way back in 2015, so with latest single ‘Lunatic’ coming out a couple of weeks ago, it looks like the highly anticipated third album is on its way for early next

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HAIM new track review “Want you back” and “Right Now”

Rebecca Weatheril/ June 26, 2017

After an almost 4-year long hiatus, the sisters are finally back with two new singles ‘Want You Back’ and ‘Right Now’. Despite their long time away the band has been anything but quiet: making tracks with big hitters Bastille and Calvin Harris, releasing a clothing line with eco-brand Reformation, touring America almost constantly, and of course becoming some of the

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