We Get Up Close and Personal with Bad Sounds

George Smith/ November 4, 2017

We caught up with brothers Ewan and Callum from the Bristol based five piece Bad Sounds ahead of their UK tour to talk Gorillaz, FIFA 18, and the worst gig they ever played… How did you form the band? Ewan: Me and Callum are brothers, so we always used to be involved in music together when we were kids. We

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Superfood Stun the Bodega

George Smith/ October 13, 2017

  If only there was some way to harness the energy in an over capacity Bodega last night. The small indie club in the heart of Nottingham played host to 200+ students, locals and music lovers, and at around 9pm the top floor of the venue was eagerly anticipating the appearance of the Birmingham 4 piece. The band appeared on

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