Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers @Rock City 24/01/2019

Andre Arrache/ February 4, 2019

Hobo Johnson played a stunning, unpredictable set last week for a big crowd at Rock City. As soon as the lights went out, The Lovemakers were facing the crowd and we were all looking for the man himself, who showed up onstage just when his part in “Romeo & Juliet” came in, causing a big surprised roar in the audience.

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Interview with Estrons

Andre Arrache/ October 23, 2018

“You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough” is the debut album by the alternative welsh band Estrons, and two days after the release, I talked with Rhodri, the guitarrist, right after an intimate and energetic live in-store performance in Rough Trade Nottingham and chatted about the new album, touring and aliens. You guys have been touring a

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Interview with Three Days Grace

Andre Arrache/ October 3, 2018

Andre chatted to Three Days Grace guitarist Barry before the band’s show at Rock City on Tuesday night. This is your second date in the tour, are you excited? Yeah! It’s gonna be a long one! “Infra-Red” was your 14th song to go on #1 this past month, I think that’s a record, isn’t it? We beat Van Halen, yeah!

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