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Alex Marriott-Mills/ October 23, 2017/ Latest On The Mic, New Releases, Reviews/ 0 comments

A full 10 years after their second album release and Indie rock group Milburn are back with their third album, ‘Time’. After their second album failed to live up to the billing of their first, as so often is the case with indie albums, ‘Time’ represents an opportunity for the band to make a comeback and show how far their sound has come. The title track ‘Time’ sets the album off with a nostalgic tone featuring a lengthy instrumental intro and light sombre lyrics, a stark contrast to the punchy and up beat hits off their opening album ‘Well,Well,Well.’ The album moves on from this quickly and the titles ‘Midnight control’ and ‘Nothing for you’ are catchy indie hits if slightly weak on lyrics. This leads us to the title ‘In the City’ arguably the best and certainly the most listenable song on the album, the track gives Milburn fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for with sweeping and seamless changes in tempo and simple yet effective lyrics such as ‘she’s not true, just like you’ reminds fans of the bold lyrics which made ‘Well,Well,Well’ the album it was.The album continues its relatively unstructured format with slow and fast songs placed back to back with a pensive and reflective love song ‘Together Alone’ revealing a side to Milburn’s music which seems to have matured, their topic matter and delivery resonates with the listener and makes this particular song one of the album’s highlights. The theme on loneliness and frustration in love really does seem to be the underlying theme of the album, however some of the more upbeat songs seem to contradict this and in places the album seems patchy. With that being said the album is easy on the ear and certainly shouldn’t be dismissed after the first listen, the songs really do grow on you.

For all Milburn fans expect an album which showcases a band matured, with closer attention to song development and largely lyrically relevant, however the album fails to live up to the heights of their first album and lacks outright hits such as ‘Send in the Boys’ and ‘Cheshire Cat Smile.’ With that being said the album is beyond listenable and represents a solid comeback for the Sheffield based band, hopefully Sheffield counterparts Arctic Monkeys can provide a great follow up to AM on their new album early next year.

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