Superfood Stun the Bodega

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If only there was some way to harness the energy in an over capacity Bodega last night. The small indie club in the heart of Nottingham played host to 200+ students, locals and music lovers, and at around 9pm the top floor of the venue was eagerly anticipating the appearance of the Birmingham 4 piece.

The band appeared on the tiny stage and immediately the funky opening bars of ‘Where’s The Bass Amp’ got heads nodding and feet tapping. It was visible that Ganderton and Malcolm (lead vocals and lead guitar, respectively) were in a great mood, and immediately had the room electrified. They subsequently launched into Double Dutch, another track from Bambino which only solidified the feel-good atmosphere established from the get go.

At this point, Ganderton addressed the fans for the first time, announcing that they were going to treat us to an old favourite from their debut album ‘You Can Believe’. After every word was sung back to them by the horde, another oldie in the form of ‘Bubbles’ was blasted out, to the immediate gratification of the room.

The band then returned to play some lesser known, but equally as funky, tracks from ‘Bambino’, with ‘Raindance’ and ‘Need A Little Spider’ particularly standing out to showcase the quality the group are capable of.

The performance took an exciting turn when Ganderton told the Bodega that the next song (TV) was intended for this exact environment, with lyrics that alluded to not wearing earplugs at gigs, drinking too much and getting physical in mosh pits, the latter of which materialised almost immediately as he stepped away from the mic and began shouting “I can never sleep!” The electricity which had building up throughout the whole evening was finally released as the crowd and floor moved up and down in synchronisation.


By the time the final track of the evening, ‘I Can’t See’, was being played, the room was covered in spilt lager, people were climbing on top of one another and the moshers were showing no signs of relenting. As the band left the stage, it took no time at all for the flock of Superfood fans to unanimously chant ‘one more song!’. This was a crowd who weren’t quite ready to trek downstairs and realise the sweaty entourage that they had become over the last 45 minutes.

Superfood re-emerged from the backstage double doors, beaming and clapping, evidently impressed by the rowdy reception Nottingham had delivered (as it so often does). As they played the offbeat rhythm of ‘Natural Supersoul’, a reinvigorated crowd shouted back the melody, while the more daring among us immediately sought to reinstate themselves on their friends shoulders to get an uninterrupted view of the vivacity being projected from the stage.

The evening concluded with the band playing the first song they ever wrote (aptly named ‘Superfood’), and a boiling Bodega choir sang the snack-inspired words right back in the direction they had come from. As the last chord was struck, you were hard pushed to look around the room and find someone who wasn’t ecstatic about the evening they had just experienced.

Superfood are a band who obviously love making music, and aren’t preoccupied with audience size or venue type, as long as they are doing what they cherish. The effortlessly laid back style of their album is reflected by their presence in person, as they continue to demonstrate that they really are one of the endorphin inducing groups of our time.

Photo by Leah Smart.

Featured image courtesy of Ian Cheek

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