Issue 40 – Refreshers ’16

The Mic/ July 13, 2016/ The Magazine/ 10 comments

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  1. I crave knowing & structure, too. It’s just so hard not to! Why is that? I’ve been trying so hard lately to embrace & enjoy the uncertainty, to remember that uncertainty can be exciting. exciting, terrifying: same thing! hahahaha

  2. Moi je peux pas attendre la Vf je traduit la Vo. Je peux vous dire que vous allez kiffer cette album et le prochain il se passe bcp de chose et oui elle ne finira jamais cette série . Il gagne trop d’argent .

  3. That’s an expert answer to an interesting question

  4. Eheh Mais à l’époque ils arrivaient à mettre une ambiance de dingue, rien qu’avec des grossières plaques de pixels ..!Pour le mémoire, j’en suis à 75% du final. Pfiou.

  5. Indha asad thaan metha padicha medhavi .. matha yaarukkum edhuvume theriyadhupa/// Paiya agraharathu Ambi ivaru hyderabad nijammu.. solla vandhuttaru…ungalalam indiala innum irukka vidrathe thappuda

  6. Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  7. When I was back in Asia, I saw how crazy the women over there were in to collagen!! They’re showing those stuff every where you go, so I couldnt help to be curious about these products that claims to boost the skin to it best. Although Im very sceptical about all those talks, I still wanna try it, lol. So do let us know more about your experience!

  8. As a Christian, I feel absolutely sickened by the incidents mentioned above where Christians used, or called for, anti-blasphemy laws to silence their opponents. If I can’t imagine using such tactics to defend my own religion, I certainly don’t want them used against me by those who want to force me to follow theirs.

  9. Nu le-am incercat, insa am fost tentata de fiecare data sa comand nuanta asta, insa nu eram sigura cum se vede pe buze. Daca spui ca e sheer, atunci e exact ceea ce caut, multumesc de review :).

  10. I know from working with people over the years that this can be the silent partner in business for both men and women. Shining the light of acgdewlonkment and acceptance is a good thing for those who want to move on.

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